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Bravearm Automazione snc was born in 2010 to enter the fabric cutting automation market for sailmakers, for nautical upholstery and for the production of PVC roofing and tensile structures.

The people who animate the company have many years of experience in their respective skills that have allowed the creation of a product with innovative solutions and to be able to offer services that were lacking in the Italian panorama

L’ing. Corrado Scorcelletti after having worked in the production of computer memories and then of printed circuits equipped with microprocessors for phones and printers, dal 2000 started the distribution of cutting machines for a foreign brand.
Per 9 years it has installed dozens of cutting systems all over Europe, and he understood that he could build a better car in Italy, and that better assistance and the possibility of customizing the system could make a difference in the market and in customer choices.

Plotter cutter Bravearm automazione

Roberto Mariotti he is a true genius of mechanics, with vast experience gained in 20 years of prototype production, mechanisms and molds for small series using the most diverse materials, most of it destined for the automotive component industries. Each of the hundreds of objects created meant an extra knowledge in the ability to synthesize between sophistication and manufacturability, building a vast know-how in the different areas of precision mechanics.

Plotter cutter Bravearm automazione

Together they created the Bravearm Automation with the aim of offering an efficient and accessible system for the production of fabric or laminate panels designed with any type of CAD and with any sail design program.

With the support of the team of CAD designers and numerically controlled cutters of the Mariotti Prototipi company, Bravearm Automazione is able to internally build all the mechanical components of the cutting system BRAVEARM MMX, while the electronics and software are designed by engineer Scorcelletti, choosing the best of European components.

Because at Bravearm Automazione we are convinced that an Italian product designed in Italy can be the best and have a competitive price.

Plotter cutter Bravearm automazione